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Dab-Titan For Android

Written By ronald trump on Thursday, July 26, 2012 | 6:47 PM

As a dAb trained pilot your job is deliver cargo to the automated distribution stations through out the sector and get paid for each successful docking.
Using your dock’o’sledge rotation thrusters to match the station rotation and speed
you manoeuvre your collect of containers into position.
Life as a dab’er though is not all that……
Pirates come in many forms all after one goal - to take your cargo.
From motion mines that sweep large areas in packs, sentinel missile platforms that lay in waiting and even reports of alien looking craft hanging around.
Some hazards are natural such as asteroids, but some are not like the safety shields of upgrade hubs and distribution stations.
Your craft is equipped with the L.E.T.R.I.P rapped fire cluster missile system that can track many missiles over a large area - simply by tapping/swiping the screen.
Link: APK 1 APK 2
If Apk 1 dont work just try apk 2 ( LOADING time is a little bit long for armv6)
It will ask that it not compitable with armv6 but you can go a head
Run the game with Chainfire qualcom and reduce

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