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Mass Effect Saved Games(Root Needed)

Written By ronald trump on Monday, July 9, 2012 | 6:00 PM

Hi every one i know that a lot of people said that they got a big lag at chapter three in Mass Effect but i played through that part with no lag at all and i almost completed the game

My upgrade in guns and biotics are almost finish and now i will post my save game

Link:TitaniumBackup TitaniumBackup 2

Download 2 files and put them in TitaniumBackup folder in your sd card ( TitaniumBackup needed)

Open TitaniumBackup and Find Mass Effect Icon

Restore data only

Enjoy :D

If any one need Save games of any games just comment or post a request at http://hvgaqvga.createaforum.com/

( This game is completely lag free if you )

1 Use Chain fire qualcom Plugin ( Must )
2 Over Clock set governor at performance ( Use Set CPU )
3 Run swapper 300-512 or swapper 2 Size 256 Swappiness: 100 ( I recommended swapper 2 )
4 Use Chain fire reduce to 16 bit ( This just for phone with very low ram but the game graphic will be mess up ) Only use this if you experience a lot of lag in the game

As you can see i got all the gun in the games 

The most improtant thing is to CLEAR RAM before playing and you need at least 180 free ram for it to run LAGFREE for just half an hour :D

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