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Angry BaBa All Devices

Written By ronald trump on Monday, October 29, 2012 | 6:44 PM

1. Simple Play!!
. Simple to operate, just touch and drag.
2. Various characters
. You will never be bored with five unique characters!!
3. Item, Skill upgrade system
. Characters become more powerful with skill and item upgrade system!!

4. Experience a sense of accomplishment by completing various quests
. Score game points through quests that are completed easily as you play!!
5. A variety of game events
. Acquire additional AP (coins used in the game) through various game events, adding more excitement to your gaming experience!!
. Flying objects collide with pelicans, space rays, and AP dummies, and drop AP.
. The mammoth placed at a certain distance can blow off the objects even further.
. After five and six times of precise batting, an event will be created in which you can fly away the moon, Saturn, and space ray
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