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DEATH COP - Mechanical Unit

Written By ronald trump on Monday, October 22, 2012 | 8:38 PM

On a planet at war, a new brigade of mechanical soldiers was created to fight the attacks from experimental and modified creatures commanded by the enemy forces. They are the last resort of a devastated civilization which struggles to avoid its own extinction. A brigade of giant destructors equipped with powerful weapons designed and devised for the purpose of annihilating the hordes of the enemy. Choose one of the three different Mechs depending on the type of mission and help win this war. Beginning by freeing the main communication facility at the capital city, the different missions will lead you through snow-capped mountains, an abandoned prison in the desert and more, up to the space. As your level rises up, you will be able to equip a higher number of armaments and your team will provide you with more powerful weapons.

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