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How To Reduce Lags In Gaming Without Chainfire 3D And Swap ( Armv6 Devices)

Written By ronald trump on Thursday, February 14, 2013 | 5:24 AM

Hi Everyone topic for today i will show u how to reduce most lag in Armv6 Gaming without using Chainfire 3D or Swapp Memory.
( Please Read Carefully because if u missunderstand me ur phone will be in troubles)

We all know that Low End Devices have very little Memory such as ram and slow processer. So we need to improve those. Also with my special method we can free ram as much as possible.

1. We need to find a perfect custom Rom for your devices. Rom can be found at XDA Dev. Simply just go there and type in ur phone model or name and it will direct u to the web site that are for ur phone.
To find a suitable you need to read their CHAIN LOG and check their Rom Status like Tweaks, Bugs, Scripts before flashing. Pay attention to Kernel ! ( For Overclock).

Cyanogend Mod 7 or any other rom based on it are good for gaming:
- After u flash it go to Settings and find phone performance. It should be like this:

Note: Do not use Cyanogend Mod 9 or 10 because those arent for gaming.

2. After u have a good rom u need to find tweak for it ( No Need if the rom u have already included with good tweak). 

I recomended
Adrenaline ( Galaxy Ace)      Adrenaline ( Galaxy Fit)     Adrenaline ( Galaxy Gio) 
Adrenaline ( Galaxy Mini)     Adrenaline ( Galaxy Y)

Adrenaline release only for Samsung phone so u need to search xda for tweak if u have other phone line.

3. Next Steps is to use Apps:
Advance Task Killer Pro ( Kill Running App to free more ram)
( After U install , Open app settings. Disable app icon on Status Bar, Set Security Level to Low)

Seeder 2 ( I bet that u all knew about this app)

Set Cpu v3.0.9 ( To Change Phone Processor)

TitaniumBackup Pro v6.0.2.1 ( Delete unwanted App to free internal memory)

4. Please Read Carefully:
Have you ever ask that why ur phone reboot, startup so slow or getting lagg when u turn on 3G network or connected to Wifi. That because of Google App. They just turn on automaticly when u do such thing. And we all know that Google Apps take a lot of internal Memory, Rom and Ram.
And the only solution is to remove them all completely from the phone with TitaniumBackup.

Delete Google services, Google Sync, Google One Time, News and Wether, Google Search, Google Play, Market Updater, Google Feed Back, Network Locations, every app that are related to Google Inc.

Note: Do not delete Market App Installer or any other app that are related to Phone System. After u delete Google Calendar Sync u may not use calendar any more. There for just download any calendar app from Net Or extract calendar app from Gingerbread.

Final thing that after u delete Google app u have to use Root Explorer. Go to data/dalvik-cache and delete the left over files of the Google App. ( Vending = Google Play).

Final Result Galaxy Ace: 

This is my phone without Swapp Memory so can u imagine how much ram i will get when i use swap

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