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Battleship APk (1..8)

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Description about Battleship APk (1..eight)

A board game classic receives cool new functions. In addition to ships you are offered an extended arsenal which consists of planes, sea mines and air defense.
Put your ships in battle order, give them with protection using planes and mines, and launch strikes on the opponent’s fleet from sea and air.

Battleship is a lively animated game with graphic effects.
Game modes:
  1. Android mode – pick your computer opponent level and get bonus points for beating him.
  2. Two players mode – Want to play against your buddy but don’t have a second telephone? No problem! Separately arrange your ships, planes and mines and commence the battle.
  3. Bluetooth mode – challenge your close friends and colleagues through Bluetooth.
Get bonus points for every single victory and use them to acquire planes, mines and air defense.

It is high time to discover out who is the greatest at Battleship!

To play by means of bluetooth, do the following:
  1. Click the "Play by way of Bluetooth" button
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your telephone.
  3. Click the "Show Me" button on each phones.
  4. One particular of the player clicks the "Search" button, selects the second player telephone from the devices list.
  5. If you can not join in, then the other player does point 4.

Screenshot Of Battleship APk (1..8)

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