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Infinite Universe v1.4.1.1 APK

Written By ronald trump on Sunday, August 11, 2013 | 3:07 AM

A newly written story by Brewin’, illustrated by Josh Wright.

Infinite Universe

In the fourth millennium, the Mandellian Empire of the Tau Ceti method is at war with the rebel army recognized as DWORF. And fortunate you have been chosen for a harmful solo mission to kill or capture the rebel leader, by means of mind-bending loops of time and space. But wait a minute. Just who are you anyway? And how did you even get here? Such secrets you must uncover if you are to unlock your destiny…

A newly written story by Brewin’, illustrated by Josh Wright.

An all new sci-fi epic set within an all new universe!

* Nominated for Best Game Writing – Freeplay Awards 2012
* Contains all the interactive reading and gameplay attributes found in the earlier Gamebook Adventures titles, including an authentic e-book encounter, realistic 3D dice rolling, automatic character sheet management, bookmarks and achievements.
* Original story by Brewin’, winner of international Writers’ Digest and Indie Excellence awards
* Beautifully illustrated in colour by Joshua Wright, with cover and menu art by Dan Maxwell.
* An exhilarating music score by Hanny Mohamed, planet-renowned musician from Black Majesty.
* New battle mechanics such as ranged and vehicular combat.
* An revolutionary all new points-based ability technique that is influenced by your personal special narrative. Select the expertise to suit your personal playing style!
*A detailed star map with substantial annotations.
* An expansive encyclopaedia to cover everything from stars, planets and moons, to crucial personalities and organisations, to technologies, to suggestions for survival, and much more!

Study the story and be in charge of your destiny as you make the choices! Where to go? Who to trust? What to do? The decision is yours! Travel by way of times past, present and future, via far-flung worlds beyond your wildest imagination, to piece together a series of events that will amaze, amuse and entertain you!

Essential Android O/S : two..1+

Screenshots :

Download : 37Mb APK

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