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Simon The Sorcerer

Written By ronald trump on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 | 10:43 AM

Simon The Sorcerer
Simon The Sorcerer

"Certainly among the best ten adventure games everInch - ACG (Adventure Classic Gaming)

You will find items that kids just should not need to endure. Being moved getting an unusual dimension filled with goblins, dwarves, swamplings, stupid masters of miracle and sleeping leaders is definitely an of individuals.

Once you have away a "welcoming party", Simon finds out he remains triggered a pastime in order to save the wizard Calypso inside the evil wizard Sordid.

Within the last 20 years, the 'Simon the Sorcerer' game series makes numerous gamers fall deeply deeply deeply in love with Simon.

You can now revive the famous original adventure in a different way, solely on Android!

'Simon The Wizard: 20th Anniversary Edition' features:

- Brand-new, much recognized, action controls which have been built-in the ground up for touch-screens.

* Hotspot based - ignore pixel hunting!

* All-new clever symbols and animations.

* For more particulars, take a look at our tutorial video: http://internet.youtube . com.orgOrview?sixth is vEqualsJFp03nw_yyA&hd=1

- Brand-new game menus and save/load system

- Remastered stereo system system system music

- An excellent new HD graphic mode that upscales the game fantastically to high-resolutions

- Optional retro designs: enjoy original graphics, original music together with the first controls (mouse pointer)

- Multiple languages (ALL incorporated without additional payment):

Full British speech, while using the choice for adding subtitles in British, The the the spanish language language language, French, Italian and Hebrew

Full German speech or subtitles-only

- GREAT PURCHASE! The very best and a lot of affordable method of experience this timeless classic

The Twentieth Anniversary Edition created and produced by MojoTouch © 2013 all privileges reserved.

Licensed from Adventure Soft - the very first Simon the Wizard game maker.

Uses ScummVM that's protected under GNU-GPL v2. To discover more have a look at http://mojo-touch.com/gpl

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